Sunday, 18 July 2010

The fun continues

Alex was hard to wake this morning and finally struggled out of bed at 11, despite best intentions to be at the pool when it opened at 10. We spent the rest of the morning there, and even managed to get Alex into the rapids by having him measured while his hair was still dry.

We had a late lunch of pizza at Papa John's then headed back to the Pavilion for the African acrobats, Mighty Jambo, who put on a dramatic performance of bicycle-based acrobatics just centimetres from us - I couldn't help wondering how many spectators they would maim if they fell off.

After that, Alex got a temporary tattoo then asked if we could buy him a vest to wear so he could show it off. So we took the land train along the prom to Bognor, then back for crazy golf - all very stylishly themed and well-maintained. There was a film crew in the grounds by now, filming a programme for Nickleodeon called UPick, that will be shown on 26th August, I think.

Then it was time for Alex's inflatables session, after which we need to get good seats for George Samson tonight. We'll take books to entertain ourselves while we wait.

Friday, 16 July 2010

High chairs and high wires

Today started with orientation for Alex, finding out about the activities for his age group. Then we went swimming - there was a queue to get in but the pool was great - lots of flumes and rapids, although Alex was a couple of millimetres too short to go in there, despite being an advanced swimmer.

We grabbed a quick lunch in the Pavilion before a treasure hunt and then the Guinness World records live show. Alex got into the final of the "transferring peas to a flowerpot with a straw competition but was beaten into second place. After that he opted for a session on the high ropes.

While we ate dinner we watched a spectacular Columbian circus troupe perform in the Pavilion, then Alex opted for wrestling. How anybody can take it seriously I have no idea, but the difference in stature of the contenders in the final bout caused much hilarity. The final feature was a show featuring the music of Elvis Presley (The King) and Queen - see what they did there?
We packed a lot in.  And there's more to come tomorrow.

Butlins rocks!

Alex and I just arrived for a weekend at Butlins in Bognor Regis. First impressions are very good - much snazzier than Pontins. There's a big tented pavillion in the middle, full of entertainments and eating places, and our apartment is surprisingly roomy. A gold star to the member of staff who helped us take our luggage to our apartment, too.

The first evening was spent watching Brainiac Live - the same show we saw in Reading, unfortunately, but entertaining nonetheless. We have a long list of things to do tomorrow, when the fun really starts!