Friday, 16 July 2010

High chairs and high wires

Today started with orientation for Alex, finding out about the activities for his age group. Then we went swimming - there was a queue to get in but the pool was great - lots of flumes and rapids, although Alex was a couple of millimetres too short to go in there, despite being an advanced swimmer.

We grabbed a quick lunch in the Pavilion before a treasure hunt and then the Guinness World records live show. Alex got into the final of the "transferring peas to a flowerpot with a straw competition but was beaten into second place. After that he opted for a session on the high ropes.

While we ate dinner we watched a spectacular Columbian circus troupe perform in the Pavilion, then Alex opted for wrestling. How anybody can take it seriously I have no idea, but the difference in stature of the contenders in the final bout caused much hilarity. The final feature was a show featuring the music of Elvis Presley (The King) and Queen - see what they did there?
We packed a lot in.  And there's more to come tomorrow.

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