Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Not going to Rome

We had decided not to go to Rome; it's a couple hours drive and we visited on our last cruise. Civitaveccia has history of its own and so we grab a map and take the shuttle bus out of the port. The bus drops us by an interesting-looking fort but it turns out not to be visitable. So we set off to see what else we can find. We take the stairs up to the town and find a church which offers welcome shade - it's another scorcher.

We decide to go in search of a historic building called the Rocca but the map is not much help. We did find an information office just inside the port but it looked abandoned;  I don't think Civataveccia expects to be visited.We stop to buy Alex some flip flops and ask for directions, but the woman's English is as good as our Italian. Setting off in the direction we think we were told to go we end up at what apprears to be the prison. A helpful local directs us towards the port, clearly convinced that we wouldn't be heading anywhere else.

We continue looking and find some likely-looking ancient walls near the marina. Across the road is what's left of the Rocca. The city was heavily bombed in WW2 although we're not sure if that was by the Germans, British or both. Having exhausted the delights of the city we head back for lunch on the ship. The afternoon sees us sunbathing and swimming; Alex meets up with his friends again and decides To eat with them and see the magic show, so Simon and I have diner a deux.

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