Saturday, 1 September 2012


It was decidedly rougher during the night and when we arrive at Mykonos the wind is still strong and the sun hasn't made it over the headland. Our cabin is portside so we are able to watch the ship manouevre into place.  We are exploring independently today so we disembark as soon as we are able and take the shuttle bus to the capital, imaginatively named Chora (greek for town). This being a party island most peple are still asleep and we work our way through the quiet streets towards the bus stop. We take a fairly circuitous route that takes in the iconic windmills and some of the bars at little venice.

The town was supposedly designed to confuse pirates and consists of narow streets that twist haphazardly but that doesn't deter the  scooters and quad bikes. It's wonderfully picturesque with whitewashed houses,blue shutters and pink bougainvillea. The two bus stops are right on the edge of town a the buses would never make it further.

The bus we plan to take to Ornos beach doesn't leave for another 50 minutes so we explore the area and find a sweet little beach. It has two tavernas and a handful of holiday apartments but nothing is open yet. A family of ducks doze under a bush. We consider staying here but decide to stick to our plan and return to catch the 9.30 bus. It takes only 10 minutes to reach the beach which is at one of the narrowest points of the island.

Alex is initially disappointed as it is full of sunbeds and umbrellas but we head for the far end where the sand is clear. Simon and I sit down on the chairs nearest the water's edge and Alex heads straight for the sea. He soon tempts me in but every time I stop moving fish nibble my legs, which I find a bit disconcerting.

We have to leave on the 11.40 bus as we have to be back on board by 1.30, but it gives us the chance to walk back through the town when the island is awake and the shops and bars are open. It's all very stylish and a long way from the greek islands I remember visiting years ago.  By the time we retur to the ship the wind has dropped somewhat, but it's still too windy to use the sundeck. A good opportunity for a leisurely lunch in windows.

Since we're on board I give the bingo a try. I have a free card that was dropped off at our cabin. I'm not tempted by the paid games as they are horribly expensive. But it means I vsit a new venue where I find a pool table (which we'll save for calmer waters!) and a viewing window to the bridge.

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