Thursday, 3 January 2013

Homeward bound

An early start and a pleasant surprise when pretty much a full breakfast buffet awaits us in the restaurant at 6am. We load up the car and set off for the airport in the dark. We're planning to fill up at the filling station behind the car hire office but although we follow the credit card pre-pay instructions we just can't make the diesel come out. We give up and hand the car back with 3/4 of a tank, and the fuel surcharge is not much more than it would have cost to fill it at the station.

The terminal is a short walk away and we have chores to do - claim the tax back on the volcanic rock bracelet I bought at Gullfoss and change our Kroner back to Sterling. Both are accomplished without drama, Alex has a hot dog for breakfast (!) and we arrive at the gate to find our flight is already boarding. An uneventful flight home, arriving to unseasonably mild weather and a bright blue sky - a rare treat after perpetual twilight.

We may not have achieved our objective, but this was still a fantastic holiday. We have seen so much that it feels we have been away much longer than four nights. Now to find another destination to search for the Northern Lights ...

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