Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The saga ends

We’d planned an early start this morning to give us plenty of time in Reykjavik, but we can’t resist using the hot tub before breakfast. We start breakfast with boiled eggs cooked in the hot spring and feel obliged to try the rye bread, home-made cake and preserves – orange and carrot, and rhubarb. We still make it to Reykjavik before 10. We park next to the Hotel Klettur, where I stayed with Simon and Alex, as I can easily navigate from there.

We had considered a visit to the phallological museum, but it’s not open yet so we go to the cathedral and take the lift to the top of the tower for the views. Mel is impressed by the architecture, which resembles the natural rock formations at Garđur, and also by a tiny red house she spots from the tower. We decide to walk around the lake, and on the way there stumble across the red house – such serendipity doesn’t surprise us anymore.

At one corner of the lake we find ourselves in the city hall where there is a huge relief map of Iceland which really brings to life the massive scale of the glaciers and the inaccessibility of the interior. Continuing round the lake Mel chooses a house and we return along the main shopping street where we stop for hot drinks and cake at Sandholt where they bake their own, and also have 5G wifi which I had never even heard of. All too soon it’s time to return to the car and drive to the airport.
Handing back the tiny hire car, which has survived 500 miles over some pretty rough roads, we check in and buy a final skyr to eat on the plane. The approach to Heathrow was rather hair-raising for reasons we can’t fathom. And then we’re home.

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