Saturday, 18 April 2015

The long goodbye

We all manage to wake up easily and are downstairs on time for our 3.35am pick-up. We’d ordered a packed breakfast but there is also fresh tea and coffee and a selection of pastries in reception.  A handful of others are also leaving at this unreasonable hour, including turban-man. As usual, we have our own “bas” and driver.

It takes only 45 minutes to get to the airport as there’s so little traffic. I count 3 MacDonalds on the way, and also notice what is unmistakeably a hooker standing outside one of the hotels in KK wearing a micro-mini with stockings and high heels. I can’t imagine she’ll get much trade at 3.30am. Everything is closed at the airport, including the security check, and we eat some of our breakfast while we wait for it to open.

Our bags are checked right through to Heathrow and given “hot transfer” labels. The flight to KL arrives on time but it’s a big airport and the gate for our Heathrow flight is already open when we reach it, with a long queue for security. I leave my hand luggage with the boys and head for the nearest shop to spend the last of our Ringits, and the queue hasn’t cleared by the time I get back.

The flight home is interminable and the last couple of hours drag, but finally we’re home. Lovely Leigh meets us and drives us home with a brief detour to M&S for dinner and breakfast supplies; by the time we get there I’ve been up for 23 hours. Tash and Steve pop round briefly and we open champagne to toast their engagement. Then bliss – the luxury of my own bed.  

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