Thursday, 15 April 2010

Leaving today - or not

We awoke to the news that a cloud of ash from the volcano erupting in Iceland was disrupting flights in the UK. By the time we returned from breakfast it was clear that the eruption disruption was extensive, but we hoped for an update from Sophie and Carl who were booked on the flight before ours. I went to do last minute shopping and left Simon monitoring the situation. By the time we checked out, Sophie's flight had been cancelled. While we were having lunch it became clear that ours was, too, and we asked the Sapphire Hotel if they had a room.

They were full, but had already realised there was a good chance we would be stranded and had asked a sister hotel, the Maywood, if they could fit us in. A member of staff walked us there and showed us the room, which was lovely. It should be more expensive but they are matching the rate we were paying before.

It took ages to get through to BA but when we did they told us the first flight they could get us on was Tuesday afternoon. We can keep phoning in the hope of securing an earlier cancellation, and if we're lucky can transfer. We managed to book our new hotel room for the additional nights - and by now it was late afternoon. The final task was to buy enough underwear to see us through to Tuesday, which we did very cheaply in the clothing quarter.

The delay means that we won't be home when Alex gets back from skiing. We quickly put together a plan to cover our absence, We'll also have to let the builder know, as he's due to start work on Monday. And, of course, we have to tell the office we won't be in - although with wi-fi and a laptop I'm sure we can get some work done. Bottom line is, there's nothing we can do, so we may as well make the best of it.

We meet Sophie and co for dinner near the hippodrome with a sense of deja vu. During the meal we speak to Alex and explain what's happened. By the time we've finished, I'm feeling less philosophical. I just want to go home.

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