Friday, 16 April 2010

More eruption disruption

BBC World News is keeping us fairly well informed - just as well, since we've heard nothing from BA since they emailed to confirm our online check-in. We now know that flights won't resume before tomorrow, and we're beginning to realise that transferring to an earlier flight might be a mistake even if we get the chance. It could easily be cancelled, leaving us worse off.

After breakfast, I put in half a day's work to deal with the urgent issues in my inbox, since I was supposed to be back at the office today. It's a beautiful day so we have lunch al fresco, then back to the hotel where we watch the news again. It's Simon's turn on the laptop, so I go out shopping and discover that Istanbul is more enjoyable when you have time to chat to the people who tout for your trade. In the lobby of our hotel I meet  a retired couple who have booked the train as far as Bucharest rather than wait indefinitely for a flight.

We meet Sophie, Carl and Tilly nearby for a drink before dinner, but before we can order, the boys phone from France. Their travel plans have been changed and they will return by coach and ferry, arriving sunday, assuming they can get on a ferry without too much delay.

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