Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Grötte Höhle

We wake to more or less fine weather – it’s a bit cloudy but the sun burns through and we spend some time in and around the pool before and after breakfast. We seem to be on Spanish time – breakfast occurs shortly before 12, lunch around 4 and dinner has been very late so far. Today we decide to lunch at the villa as we spot the impending dark clouds before the heavens open once again.

We have two visitors; first the post woman and then, shortly after, our landlady Christine. She has come to apologise for the weather and has brought fresh figs and a couple of games to keep the children occupied – a lovely thought.
After lunch – which is to say about 4pm – we set off for the Cova San Marca caves which like everything on Ibiza is about 20 minutes’ drive away (and which has amusing signs that provided the title of this post). Nokia Drive sends us along a single track road which is really off the beaten track; it’s very picturesque and by the time we arrive the sun has come out again. There’s a guided tour at the caves which leaves in 40 minutes so we mooch around and admire the view of the other side of the bay which is really quite spectacular.

The caves are approached down steep steps that wind down the cliff side and we are rewarded with amazing views along the way. We’re separated into language groups and ours contains only us and a man with an adorable 3 year old daughter who seems very mature and interested. Having been used by smugglers to hide contraband, the caves were converted to a tourist attraction in 1980 and old water courses have been reinstated to provide an impressive water and light show.
After the caves we drive back via Benirassa beach, where we arrive about an hour before sunset to the sound of drums at one side of the bay and some pumping dance tunes at the other. The children paddle but we deter them from getting too wet as we haven’t brought swimwear and towels with us – rookie error! We manage to get them out before they become too wet to sit in the car and before long we’re home. Tonight Mel and I cook from my Spanish recipe book, chicken with peppers and cumin – not bad!

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