Saturday, 31 August 2013

Changeover day

So today, Mel and Xara leave, and Tash and Steve arrive. On the same plane, as it happens. The children spend the morning in the pool and we begin the afternoon with a visit to the beach at Cala Llonga, which has become a favourite. Xara wants to build a sandcastle and Alex wants to go in the sea which is perfect as his friend Angus is there.

Angus is staying in the apartments right on the beach and he's from Manchester - he's there with his Mum and two of her friends and Alex met him when I dropped Mel and the children at the beach and left them there. It's very windy today and Angus' rubber tyre blows away and wheels up the beach at quite a pace - I try to chase it down but I'm too slow, but I finally retrieve it and return it to his Mum.

Later, our plan to hire a pedalo turns out to be less than ideal. Mel and I pedal for all we're worth but the wind and the waves are too strong and keep pushing us inshore where it's too shallow to use the slide. I resort to jumping overboard and digging my feet in, pulling against the tide to keep the pedalo in place. Lucky it's shallow!

When we get back from the beach the children hit the pool again while Mel and I go in search of a boutique we spotted on the main road. We end up at Reine y Rose, a gorgeous shop with many wonderful dresses and cover-ups, with prices to match. I buy a bracelet for Leigh (oops, spoiled the surprise!) and a cover-up for me reduced from 69 to 10 Euros.

After a late lunch, during which Christine and co arrive to change our bedding and try to fix the electrics, we set off for San Antonio via a shop in Santa Eularia Christine has recommended to Mel. While she shops, Simon and I do a trolley dash at the supermarket before everything closes for Sunday. Our goal is to reach Café del Mar in time to watch the sunset and we make it with 10 minutes to spare. Parking proves to be tricky and the delay costs us the last unreserved table so Simon offers to take Alex and Xara for a walk down the strip while Mel and I enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset.

This is clearly a big event in Ibiza - the rocky shore is packed with people and there are many boats in the harbour. The music is cleverly mixed to synchronise with the sunset, rising to a crescendo just as the sun goes down. Applause. Then the tempo quickens and shifts into party gear. Simon, Xara and Alex return and we stay for a while at the bar before moving on to a make your own frozen yoghurt shop Mel spotted on our way here. The yoghurts are great but the yobs in the apartments opposite less so, and I'm glad we're not staying in San Antonio!

We get Mel and Xara to the airport in good time for their flight and Simon drops Alex and me back at the villa where we all grab a snack before Tash and Steve arrive. Simon's back with them before 1am and we have cava and crisps before bed.

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