Monday, 15 August 2016

... and relax

I manage to drop off the car despite the protestations of the mechanic who is the only person there and speaks no English; he insists we have to drop off the car at another hotel. After a phone call to the manager he inspects the car, accepts the hire documents and key and I leave our room number in case of problems. As I leave he's telling a couple of young women that there are no cars available, even though I just returned one.

The breakfast buffet is less exciting than we've become used to, with a smaller selection of fruit and terrible coffee. The "bacon" is half slices of reconstituted ham but I'm surprised to see black pudding. My pastry with unidentifiable green filling is bland but the mango juice is good. Alex hasn't bothered with breakfast and will join us later on the beach. We find a spot close to the little jetty with trees for shade. The sea looks inviting with white sand sloping gently for a long way out before the aquamarine sudden deepens to dark blue as the seabed drops away. When I go in I only see a pipe fish.

Alex finally joins us just before lunch and we eat in the snack bar where a club sandwich turns out to be a chicken, cheese and ham roll. We've managed to book a table in the Asian restaurant for tonight. More beach time this afternoon, with regular cooling dips in the sea, then back to the poolside late afternoon. Alex and I have agreed to go to the beach to take sunset photos; we only just get there in time but the sunset is gorgeous. On the way to the bar later I realise I've got several insect bites.

The Oriental restaurant is called Place Fen and only has a dozen or so tables, less than half of them occupied. The menu is limited and not especially authentic, although the potency of the wasabi takes me by surprise. The boy's soup is basically chicken stock. The food is ok and it's nice to be served, but the variety is more limited and the quality no better than the buffet. We entertain ourselves by planning what restaurants we will go to next week, before the house band arrives to entertain us.

Alex goes straight to bed after dinner; Simon and I have a nightcap in the bar.

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