Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Busy doing nothing

Simon and Alex have arranged a pre-breakfast swim so I grab a proper coffee from the bar and join them. Today's surprise dish at the breakfast buffet is pigs in blankets ... real bacon this time, wrapped around frankfurters. Alex and I get smoothies made to order. Service is friendly but inept; they are often out of crockery and glasses and we haven't seen a teaspoon yet.

Alex and I go to look at the gym which is at the other end of the complex. The far blocks seem to have been mothballed as it's off-season. We meet Simon at the pool and he tells us he's seen hummingbirds; I begin to look out for them but can't find any. We bumble around the pool for the rest of the day and finish with a cup game in the pool. You half-fill a plastic cup with water and flick it to somebody who has to catch it in another plastic cup. We don't quite have enough cups so I take one for the team and order another Mojito.

We've been here two days and we're already bored with the food. At dinner Alex picks up something from the dessert table that he hoped was shortbread; his verdict was that he thought the chef hoped so too. The predominant flavours are salt and sweet but Alex has discovered a spicy sauce that he can add to made-to-order pasta. He's seen somebody with a bottle of Nando's but they must have brought it with them.

We sit in reception after dinner to try to use the wifi. I spend best part of an hour trying to log in to the Virgin website to check how and when to check in for our return flight but the connection is too slow. I manage to download my emails and upload one blog post. Our pick-up time tomorrow is precisely when online check-in opens - hopefully, this being Cuba, they'll be late!

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