Saturday, 9 April 2011

The adventure begins

Off on the first stage of our trip today, flying to Orlando via JFK. One small problem - Alex left his iPod at Leighton Park yesterday. Luckily we have time to drive via LP to Heathrow so disaster was averted. Then the next problem - I'd managed to cram so much into our cases that 2 of them are overweight. £37 excess baggage. Oops!

The flight was uneventful, apart from getting shunted into the "families and incompetent travellers" queue for security at JFK, which took a-g-e-s; our flight was already boarding when we got to the gate. We will have a 50 minute transfer on our return flight, so this makes us a little nervous. But all went smoothly this time and we arrived in Orlando to balmy weather just after 6pm.

The ambitiously-named Extended Stay Deluxe Suites aren't quite as sumptuous as the name implies, but we have two double beds, a kitchenette and plenty of space. Alex is chuffed to have a double to himself. We find a Mexican restaurant almost next door and almost fall asleep in our entrees. We're all in bed soon after 9pm, although Simon and I are disturbed by our neighbours having a loud conversation at 2am. Don't they know we're jet-lagged?

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