Monday, 11 April 2011

Going South

Have I mentioned that I love my Kindle? Turns out that with the 3G I get free internet access anywhere in the world! So I can blog on board for free, although not with photos.

Today we left Orlando and drove south to Fort Lauderdale in what has come to be known as The Bad Boy. The satnav turned out to have a faulty cable as well as the dodgy switch and we weren't sure it was going to work at all. Luckily we managed to get it working, as finding our way out of Orlando was quite a challenge. We decided we had just enough time to call in on Jacquie and Roger at the marina where they keep their yacht. we have an easy run down the Florida interstate and I manage to get the Bad Boy's fuel consumption up to 16.5mpg. As we approached the turn off for the marina I did a quick calculation and realised the time didn't add up.  Turns out the satnav's clock is an hour slow and we can only spare 5 minutes with Jacquie.

We find the marina and Roger meets us at the entrance and takes us to meet Jacquie on board Audacious. They both look very tanned and relaxed after 6 months at sea. We have time for only a quick tour and the briefest of chats before getting on the road again. We'e behind schedule and not sure we will find the interstate before the satnav dies. Luck is with us and it conks out just after we rejoin the highway.

There's more traffic as we approach Miami but luckily no hold-ups and we pull in to the hire car return bay dead on our 1pm deadline. Check in for our cruise is at 2pm and we arrive in good time by taxi. Check-in is very slick and by 2pm we're in our stateroom, which is very glam. We drop our hand luggage and head up to the buffet for lunch. The afternoon is spent finding our way around the ship. It's enormous, but we can find only 3 pools, one of which is not for children.

Alex wastes no time getting in to the pool, and I unpack. Then we get Al enrolled in the kids club. Before long it's time for dinner, which is conveniently served on our level, deck 3. We're on fixed time dining, at 8.30, on a table with 5 other brits. And then an early night - we're shattered.

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