Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lazy sunday

A morning spent in and around the pool - I invent a perfect flotation device for relaxing in the pool, but Alex decides to use me for entertainment so I find myself festooned with various objects.

The idea was to go to the bar opposite for spit-roast chicken but by the time we get there the spit roast chicken was finished so Steve and I have fish and the others chicken. It's all excellent.

Next stop - the beach. Alex finds Angus and they spent some time in the sea - then we notice a crowd forming on the shoreline and the sea rapidly clearing so I go to find out what was up. It turns out a massive ray has entered the bay, very close to where Alex and Angus were swimming. After this, they decide to take a pedalo and Steve and Tash initially go out with them but Tash soon returns and I take her place. It's much easier than last time - conditions are perfect and Alex and Angus have great fun sliding, jumping and otherwise finding innovative ways to enter the water.
We return to the villa for a barbeque at Spanish o'clock. Uncle Luke's lightly spiced beans are even better the second time round!

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