Sunday, 4 January 2009

... and tantrums

Just before we set off this morning, I had a call from the general manager who had just received my letter. He seemed genuinely concerned about Alex's injury and asked if he could come and see the damaged handle in our bathroom. And then he offered us an upgrade to a suite. So we packed before we went out this morning, and returned to our new room to find our luggage waiting. Alex is very impressed. Less so when we find our third cockroach (a baby by comparison) but we know the drill by now. When the man arrives with the spray we've already captured it.

For dinner, we walked down to the bistro underneath the Corinthian Hotel next door. We're still waiting for our drinks when the food arrives, and there's a lot of confusion when the wine we choose is out of stock. Encouraged by the result with the room upgrade, we politely complain - and get a free wine upgrade. Maybe there's an upside to the poor service after all.

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