Sunday, 4 January 2009

Temples ...

After the National Museum of Archaeology yesterday, it seemed appropriate to visit the temples where most of the exhibits were found. As usual, getting there was not simple - lost, again - and we didn't seem to be the only ones; each roundabout featured a stationary hire car with its occupants examining a map.

When we reached Hagar Qim I was disappointed to see that it was sporting a mini version of the Wembley arch, designed to support a roof that will protect it from the elements. A necessary precaution given the amount of damage suffered in the 150-or-so years since it was uncovered but almost totally masking its beauty. It's supposed to be temporary, while a less intrusive method is found, but knowing Malta it will still be there in 100 years.
We decided to lunch at Marsaxlokk and found our way there along the coast road; it was a lovely sunny afternoon and we sat by the harbourside to eat. My fish was delicious and the boys' pizzas enormous. They all took an hour to arrive but we're getting used to the service here, which is slow and chaotic.

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