Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Mellieha memories

Our last full day, so we told Alex he could choose what he wanted to do. He started with some TV before breakfast, then decided he wanted to try the outdoor pool. Admittedly the sun is back but it's hardly outdoor swimming weather. He did make it into the pool, then very swiftly back out again. A small TV break, then we went in search of our old villa.

Took me a while to find it, there has been a lot of new development including a two storey villa right next door which will dwarf Villa Lemart when it's finished. Old landmarks like the Bellevue bakery and the Arches restaurant are still there, though, and it was good to show Alex around Mellieha.

We spent a while messing around on the beach and harassing the crabs in the rock pools before driving as far as the Gozo ferry, so we've covered the whole length of the island. Then back to the hotel for a spot more TV and a dip in the indoor pool. More TV after our swim (spot a theme, anybody?), and we're going bowling before dinner.

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