Friday, 2 January 2009

Walking and swimming

Being New Year's Day, pretty much everything was closed so we decided to take the walking tour of Valetta, around the walls of the city. We pretty much had the city to ourselves - with all the shops and bar shut it was easier to imagine how it might have been in the time of the Knights Crusaders. We stumbled across the cafe in the theatre just as we were thinking about lunch, then completed the circuit.

When we got back, Alex fancied a swim. The hotel has several outdoor pools but it's too cold for that. The indoor pool has a jucuzzi, which turned out to be Alex's downfall. There's a raised grille in the centre with a sharp edge, and he cut his foot on it. Not too badly, but blood mixed with water always looks more than it is. A nice guest who didn't speak english insisted we take her plasters, which is more than the health club attendant did. By the time he returned with a bottle of water I'd cleaned the cut, put on the plaster and mopped the blood from the tiles. We limped back to the room and Alex watched TV while I wrote to the general manager to let him know how far short his hotel falls on the care, hospitality and courtesy promised in the welcome note that greeted us.

Alex didn't feel like walking to a restaurant, so we had dinner in the hotel, then watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before bed.

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