Tuesday, 14 July 2009


A long-awaited treat for me today - a trip to the Eden Project. It makes a stunning first impression - huge interconnected domes in a huge pit, the legacy of a former mine. We started on the outside and worked our way round to the hub, where there are interactive exhibits. With our usual impeccable timing it started raining just as we came out, so we headed for the link building between the two biomes and had lunch.

We decided to tackle the tropical biome first, which was steamy and humid - a big contrast to the rather cold and dank weather. Specimen plants from the tropics alternated with educational exhibits, including a complete Malaysian house and some wall paintings describing south American myths and legends. There were tiny ants everywhere and some of them followed us out. The mediterranean biome was a more comfortable temperature, and immediately recognisable from its blue and white paint and terracotta. We emerged into relatively dry weather and explored the outside areas, but got caught in a sudden downpour and had to take refuge in the shop. We finished the day damp but happy - a state that I suspect will become familiar in days to come.

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