Monday, 13 July 2009


We did the normal first day of the holiday thing of sleeping late and taking ages to get going, so our first outing was for lunch. Grand Prix today, which three of the Esserys enjoy, so we found a pub that was showing the race and went there for lunch. It turned out to be next to a circus, so we made a note of showtimes in case we needed an indoor pursuit. It's not raining, but it looks like it's thinking about it!

After lunch we went to Holywell Park where Tash and Alex got absolutely soaked on some little inflatable boats with water guns. Rain seemed imminent so we made a strategic retreat to the circus. That turned out to be an unexpected highlight, as Simon got "volunteered" into the ring by a clown and stripped to the waist for a mock-boxing match in a ring made of masking tape wrapped around four other volunteers. Hilarious - for us, anyway!

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