Wednesday, 15 July 2009


A more cheerful start to the day so we decide to attempt a visit to St Michael's Mount. The crossing from Marazion is a bit bouncy. But the weather remains fine for our trip, which is a first for this holiday. The ascent is spectacular, along a cobbled path winding through beautiful gardens with spectacular views back to the coast. The castle itself is surprisingly cosy, with compact rooms that seem homely despite the remote and weather-beaten location.

We walk back barefoot along the causeway, just after the sea has retreated, visiting another small rock on the way. When we get back to the mainland the weather is still fine so we decide to attempt bodyboarding again. With a brief stop to hire wetsuits we arrive at Perranporth bay, to find the sea has retreated dramatically. The lifeguards have set up a safe area and the surf is spectacular. Alex and Tash had a great time bodyboarding until the lifeguards quit for the day.

This was the sort of day all holidays should comprise. We made it last by stopping for a drink at the Watering Hole on the beach.

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