Tuesday, 14 July 2009


The weather forecast today goes from bad to worse - showers, followed by gale force winds and heavy rain. We decided to brave a trip to the beach first thing, and buy body boards for Alex and Tash on the way. It's all looking good until we actually emerge from the car and make our way down the beach - at which point the heavens open. Alex, to his credit, decides a little rain isn't going to put him off, grabs his body board and heads off into the surf. Tash decides to wait for another opportunity. It's freezing!

Alex gives it a good go, and then we take him back to our house and dry him off before setting off for Lands end. We stop for lunch on the way, with the customary downpour as we leave the car, but as we arrive at Lands End the weather cheers up. It's very windy, and not too warm, but at least it's dry. It's very commercialised here, but the seascape is dramatic and probably more so because of the stormy weather. Simon and Alex take in a Dr Who exhibit while Tash and I write postcards, and while choosing them we notice a fantastic photo of a beach called Porthcurnow. Tom Tom says its only a few miles away so we decide to go there while the weather is in our favour.

True to form, as we walk down to the beach the heavens open again. Alex is undetererred and decides to build a sandcastle, but it's raining hard and we get soaked. This is beginning to look like some kind of vendetta - it even rains as we walk from the car park to our house at the end of the day.

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