Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Flower Power

We enjoy a lazy morning at the villa and when we realise it’s time for lunch the supermarket is  closed for siesta, so we go to Santa Eulalia for lunch. Tash and I make a swift detour to the Pacha shop to buy tickets for tonight – we’re going to Flower Power. We enjoy a decent menu del dia for 11 Euros – 3 courses and  wine, not bad at all! Then we swing by the market and pick up some flowery accessories for tonight.

Our plan for the evening unfolds almost as planned. First sundowners at Café Del Mar,  followed by dinner in Playa Den Bossa – we are dismayed when we got there to find a neon-lit main road filled with burger joints but we manage to find Dunes which has texmex food and great music. We are slightly disconcerted by sitting immediately under the flight path to Ibiza airport, and also by the heavy police presence. We’d seen roadblocks and random car searches on the way into both San Antonio and Bossa, and there is a big deployment in the car park of Space. Suitably sustained, we set off for Pacha. Satnav tries to take us to a succession of Pasha shops but we finally make it to the club just after 1am.
We walk straight in with our tickets, and are immediately blown away by the attention to detail. The main room is beautifully themed and many people have dressed up. The entire venue is enveloped by the aroma of incense. After a brief tour of all the rooms, Tash and I both decide we prefer the Funky Room. Just one problem: scary dancing man. A middle aged bloke who thinks he’s the big “I am” is dominating the space with his dodgy moves. I spend 23 Euros on a G&T and a bottle of water and we try to ignore him.

Pacha isn’t the biggest of the Ibiza clubs but it’s a bit of a rabbit warren. We know there are several rooms but it isn’t always easy to reach the one you want to get to, and we often find ourselves in places by mistake. The main room is very full and it’s almost impossible to cross, but the atmosphere’s electric. We enjoy the “Love” moment and the heart shaped confetti.

We leave relatively early – I’m still fighting a chest infection – but there’s still a long queue outside waiting to get in. After an uneventful drive home we arrive at the villa to the most beautiful starlit night – I could have looked at it for hours, but sanity prevails and I go to bed.

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