Saturday, 7 September 2013

Last day

A cloudy start to our final day, which is composed mostly of eating and packing. We have planned a big tapas lunch to sustain us on our journey home and I’m first up so I get on with cooking the remaining dishes. As the rest of the family begins to wake packing gets underway and by then it’s raining – a good day to go home.

Lunch is worth detailing – we work our way through leftover paella, Spanish-style chicken, pimientos a la padron (tiny green peppers fried and then sprinkled with coarse ground salt), chorizo cooked in wine, garlic mushrooms, green beans with tomatoes, onions and garlic, a salad and the inevitable bread and alioli.
And finally it’s time to leave. Tash and Steve are flying at 1am so we drop them at Ibiza town where they plan to spend the rest of the day and we head for the airport. It’s been great to spend time with two different branches of our family and I think everybody has had a great time.

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