Monday, 2 September 2013

Third time lucky

The first time we visited Ibiza town it rained all day. The second time we had biblical rain on our departure. This time we manage to visit without a single spot of rain - result!

Paul, Laura and Alfie are visiting Ibiza today on their cruise so we are meeting them for lunch. We arrange to meet at Gepetto's ice cream shop and then try to find the Plaza del Sol where we know there's a cafĂ© with shady outside tables. We see much of the old city while looking for it, but we finally make it and settle down for drinks and tapas - a lovely lazy lunch.

Alex's TopMan sunglasses (purchased at Harrods on Nanny's Big Day Out) have started to melt in the heat, leaving dodgy black streaks on his cheeks, so we find him a pair of Ray-Berrys to replace them. A brief trip to the Desigual shop is unsuccessful but the visit to Llao Llao is a triumph - delicious frozen yoghurt with fruit and other toppings.

We have a quick browse of the ticket shops to find out what's on offer for our clubbing night - Tash and Tracey, that is - the boys will be doing something else that night. Alex would be clubbing if he was old enough and he's gutted to find that Knife Party is on at Amnesia, along with a few other of his favourite acts.

We make our way back to the villa and arrive to find the patio outside Tash and Steve's room is awash with water - at first we fear a big leak but it turns out the hose is on. Odd. No water in their room, luckily.

Tonight's dinner is paella cooked by yours truly on the outdoor hob. We have citronella candles, mosquito coils and insect repellent, but we all feel we are being eaten alive. This would be an idyllic place if it wasn't for the darned insects. Ants get everywhere, and if you leave the tiniest speck of food they find it and invite their friends. And we're all covered in bites that are very swollen and itchy.

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