Friday, 6 September 2013

What a difference a week makes

We've decided that our last full day should involve both a beach and music, so we're off to Sas Salinas. We leave after what is lunch for some and breakfast for others, at about 2.30. We soon notice the large number of cars parked on the approach and it quickly becomes apparent that the beach is really busy - especially around The Jockey Club.

We manage to find a spot close to the bar, where we can hear the music. Alex is keen to go in the sea, and comes back with reports of jellyfish which we don't take entirely seriously. But when I join him it's clear that there are jellyfish, and lots of them - the lifeguards have even put up a special flag. This puts a bit of a dampener on the sea bathing, but the water is so warm and inviting that I join Alex for a jellyfish fishing trip - we net them in the area where people are swimming and let them go in the rocky area which is less popular with swimmers.

We stay on the beach until 7pm then return to our villa to try and make a dent in the contents of the fridge which is embarrassingly well stocked considering that we are due to leave tomorrow afternoon. We barbeque the remaining meat but I forget about the corn on the cob Tash and I bought yesterday. The impact on the fridge is negligible.

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  1. Sounds like fantastic trip!! Thanks for sharing, hugs J a d R